Moore Law is a member of the Legal Sector Alliance which is an inclusive movement of law firms and organisations committed to working collaboratively to take action on climate change by reducing their carbon footprints and adopting environmentally sustainable practices.

We try to adopt measures to counter any negative impact that our business may have on the environment.


We use Cloud computing in support of our IT and case management systems to meet exacting compliance standards and to deliver a technologically agile CRM to our clients. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint by utilising the latest energy saving technologies and concepts that the LawCloud platform enables.
Cloud is greener because it combines equipment and takes advantage of economies of scale – we do not need to run our own on premise solution, using and powering our own server to drive it.

VIRTUALISATION TECHNOLOGY Virtualisation technology

LawCloud utilizes the latest virtualisation server technology, effectively splitting up a single physical box into multiple running servers. This avoids the waste of expensive processing power by effectively sharing it between multiple tenants.

THE FUTURE The future

As technology improves and more power saving technologies are developed, the Cloud will become greener and by combining current economies of scale, virtualisation technologies and with an improved data centre cooling environment, the cloud can only continue to get more efficient.


We only print the papers for our files that are absolutely necessary to meet our regulatory requirements.

Environmental causes Environmental causes

We do our best to support environmental causes and from time to time support and help run fund raising initiatives with the likes of the RSPB and other environmental concerns in Sussex and beyond.

Please watch our news section for details of upcoming events.